Yuutsu (ユウウツ?) is a character from Hatsumori Bemars. She is Team Hatsumori Bemars' Substitute, formerly 3rd Basewoman. She has a pet ant name Tajima (タジマ?) which she kept until the end of the season. She likes bugs, and was catching a Giant Beetle the night before Kote's date. Yuutsu is also a member of Hanafubuki Mai's Fan Club.

Special Skills

  • Keen Observation - Yuutsu was shown to be very observant, noticing specific changes around her that the others would normally not, like steam from Nanamaru's shoulder during a practice using Sundome. After Coach Kamata awakened this aspect of her, she was able to hit Mebachi's Gyogun Ball. Yuutsu also revealed a pattern in Kirei's pitches to help Nanamaru hit it perfectly.


  • Yuutsu's nickname is "melancholy". Given that Nanamaru is fond of giving her "research subjects" a nickname, it is probable that Nanamaru gave it to her due to her melancholi personality before Team Bemars was formed.
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