AKB49 Urakawa Minori Manga
AKB49 Urayama Minoru
AKB49 Miyazawa Sae Minoru

Sae as Minoru

AKB49 Miyazawa Sae Minori
AKB49 Furuhata Nao Minori

Nao as Minori

Urakawa Minori (浦川みのり?) is a 12th Gen Member AKB48 exclusive to the AKB49: Ren'ai Kinshi Jourei Manga and Stage. "Her" real identity is actually a boy named Urayama Minoru (浦山実?), who accidentally got selected when he tried to help Yoshinaga Hiroko on her audition. S/He was portrayed by Miyazawa Sae in the AKB48 Group Stage and Furuhata Nao in the SKE48 Stage.

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