Bemars Hatsumori Yankee

Tokidoki (トキドキ?) is a character from Hatsumori Bemars. She is a member of 2nd Hatsumori Girls' Commercial High School's Yankee Group which comprises of herself, Kachidoki ,and Shiodoki. She was portrayed by Wada Maaya.

Hatsumori Bemars

8th Pitch

Kachidoki, Tokidoki, and Shiodoki tried to persuade Imadoki to return to their group, but Imadoki was adamant to continue softball and studies. Their gang was later beaten by Kurobara Girls' School's Yankee Musume Gang, and were taken hostage, as bait for Imadoki, with Shiodoki released to act as a messenger. Bunan came instead of Imadoki, pleading politely to release her schoolmates. Before Serizawa could lay a hand on Bunan, six of the softball club arrived bringing props borrowed from Academy's Drama club, using them to intimidate the Yankee Musume Gang and frighten them away. Impressed by Imadoki's new crew, Kachidoki's crew later allowed Imadoki to continue being a member of the softball club.

Last Pitch

Kachidoki's crew were among the Hatsumori Girls who were watching the game from their devices.

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