Nito Moeno
Series: AKB48 Murder Mystery
First Appearance: File 5
Last Appearance: File 5
Number of Episode
2 (File 5, Testimony File)
Actor: Nito Moeno
Moeno's Testimony
"Well, like Mayu, I’m also an ex-Team B. And Yuko-chan now is in Team K, but after that, besides me, Ayarin, Tanamin, Tomochin are all the same. Renacchi… well, I can’t really think of anything she has in common with this. The three who were killed, I think they might have something in common, but…"
―Nito Moeno's Testimony[Testimonials and Alibis (src)]

Nito Moeno (仁藤萌乃?), nicknamed Moeno (もえの?), is a member of Team K. She is one of the primary characters in AKB48 Murder Mystery series. She was based on and was portrayed by Nito Moeno.

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