Minegishi Minami
Series: AKB48 Murder Mystery
First Appearance: File 1
Last Appearance: File 5
Number of Episode
6 (Files 1-5 and Testimony File)
Actor: Minegishi Minami
Miichan's Testimony
"I know the culprit. The culprit is a research student who wants to rise up. When I was an elementary member I wasn’t a research student, but if I was a research student, this is how I would think. “If only that girl wasn’t around, I would be noticed more”. Among the research students, the one who was Renacchi’s understudy was… Well, I won’t say anything more than this."
―Minegishi Minami's Testimony[Testimonials and Alibis (src)]

Minegishi Minami (峯岸みなみ?), nicknamed Miichan (みぃちゃん?), is a member of the AKB48's 1st Generation and is currently in Team K. She is the only character present in all 5 Glico CMs of the Murder Mystery Files other than Acchan. She is based on and portrayed by Minegishi Minami.

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CM Version

File 1

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File 2

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File 3

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File 4

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File 5

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Manga Version

Chapter 1

One week after Maeda Atsuko's graduation announcement, the 1st Generation members were invited by Acchan to her new office, which surprised Miichan and the others when they learn that it would be a detective agency. Afterwards, Acchan received a call from their AKB48 manager, confirming the details for her last job as an AKB48 member.

At the island where they would do a CM shoot for Glico's Ice no Mi, Miichan can be seen playing around with Sashiko. After Day 1 of the CM Shoot was done, the members left for the mansion located at another island.

After Acchan returns, all of them heard a scream from the dining area. Prompting them to head there, they found a shocked Sashiko in front of the door. As they turned towards what she saw, Miichan and the Kami8 was shocked to see Kato Rena, drenched in blood, lying on the dining room hall entrance faced down.

Chapter 2

After Acchan confirms Renacchi's death, Miichan and Sashiko were both traumatized and started thinking negatively. Nyan Nyan tried to change their mood, but was only able to make it worse. When Acchan appeared to them declaring that she'll investigate the case, Miichan and the others were shocked by Acchan's revelation that the killer is among the members. Assured that Acchan would find the criminal, they became slightly concerned when Acchan accidentally summed-up the number suspects wrong.

Chapter 3

Acchan divided the Kami Team (minus Takamina) and placed Miichan with Yuko's group along with Sashiko and Nyan Nyan, to check for motives. After gathering information, the three groups met back at the Living Room where they discussed the gathered data. Miichan suggests that the clue might refer to names starting with "N". Others also gave their own suggestions, until an argument between Tomochin and Mariko began. Acchan interrupted by suggesting a Handshake Event, which startled the others. During the handshake event, Miichan thought that Acchan is being careless, but Yukirin thought otherwise, seeing that Acchan is more attentive and focused than her in this handshake event.

Chapter 4

After the handshake event, Acchan revealed the methods she used to identify the ones who are above suspicion. She went back to their room but was alarmed once again now that Yuko has become missing. After a grueling search for her, Miichan and Tomochin instead found a scared Sashiko in the kitchen. Shocked at what they found, they called Acchan revealing that they found Yuko, who is barely alive inside the freezer. As Acchan applied emergency aid, Sashiko stayed by Miichan's side still trembling.

Chapter 5

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Chapter 6

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Chapter 7

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Chapter 8

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Chapter 9

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