Matsui Sakiko
Series: AKB48 Murder Mystery
First Appearance: File 4
Last Appearance: File 5
Number of Episode
3 (Files 4, 5 and Testimony File)
Actor: Matsui Sakiko
Sakippe's Testimony
"The song that was playing on Yuko-chan’s phone, I feel like it was the same one playing on Renacchi’s phone. Which song was that… Being that it’s the same song both times, it’s probably a message from the culprit."
―Matsui Sakiko's Testimony[Testimonials and Alibis (src)]

Matsui Sakiko (松井咲子?), nicknamed Sakippe (さきっぺ?), is a member of AKB48's Team K. She is one of the major characters in AKB48 Murder Mystery series. She was based on and was portrayed by Matsui Sakiko.

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