Maeda Atsuko
Series: AKB48 Murder Mystery
First Appearance: AKB48 Satsujin Jiken (File 1)
Last Appearance: AKB48 Satsujin Jiken (File 5)
Number of Episode
Actor: Maeda Atsuko
Manga Acchan
"Nazo ga tokeru ka! Aisu ga tokeru ka! Ice no Mi!"
―Maeda Atsuko (CMs)[AKB48 Murder Mystery (src)]
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Maeda Atsuko (前田敦子?), nicknamed Acchan (あっちゃん?), was the central figure of Team A and is also one of its 1st Generation. She serves as the central character in AKB48 Murder Mystery series, piecing together evidences and solving the mystery behind Kato Rena's death. She is based on and is portrayed by Maeda Atsuko.

CM Version

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Manga Version

Chapter 1

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After their Tokyo Dome Concert, Takamina asked Acchan what she wants to do after her graduation.

Days after that, all of the 1st Generation members who were still part of AKB48 were invited to her new office, with Takamina hiding the details because she knew that the others would not believe it.

After getting a call from their AKB48 agent, they went to the next location of Acchan's last job as an AKB48 member. During the CM shoot, the filming was cut short when an AD informs the director that Acchan consumed almost 7 boxes of Ice no Mi.

Because this was her last CM with AKB48, highlighting her graduation, she was asked to be left behind for the staff meeting for her ideas about the project, leaving the rest of AKB48 members and kenkyuusei to go on ahead to rest on the vacation house located on the other side of the island. During that time, Yukirin would accidentally wear her indoor shoes, suggesting that both of them have the same shoe size.

Acchan was caught by the rain when she rejoined the others, who were looking for Katorena. After hearing Sashiko's scream from the Dining Hall, they discovered Katorena's body.

Chapter 2

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After finding Renachi in the Dining Hall, Atsuko quickly checked for her pulse and declared her death. Takamina wondering if it was an accident, Atsuko deduced that it wasn't and it was most likely that the culprit must have threw the murder weapon out the window. Finding Renachi's phone nearby, they found a mysterious music recently added to it along with the message 23K.24AB. As the rest of the 1st Generation members made sure that the others were accounted for unharmed, Atsuko was curious on what could the letter "N" that Renachi wrote meant. When the SEED members panicked when they learned of Renachi's death, and the information from Mitsumune that the bridge was destroyed, Atsuko declared that she'll handle the case. Deducing that it would be hard for anyone to enter and leave the island due to the heavy storm and broken bridge, she proclaimed that the culprit could only be one of the 89 Members, in which Takamina and Yuko stated that Renachi and Acchan are also included, leading to Atsuko rephrasing her last statement by omitting the two of them, which made Takamina and Yuko worry more.

Chapter 3

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While Shinoda Mariko's group checked for alibis, Oshima Yuko's group studies each members' background and history to find a "motive for murder", leaving Takamina and Acchan at the crime scene to look for more evidence. Examining the crime scene, Acchan deduced that Kato Rena was killed less than two hours ago. Takahashi Minami, impressed by her deduction, asked how she came up with that conclusion, in which Acchan replied that she learned it through Detective Conan. Despite finding further additional clues, Acchan memorized th crime scene meticulously instead for further investigation and regrouped with Mariko's and Yuko's groups.

Going back to Renacchi's cellphone, they each think of how the clue is related to the incident, which eventually led to a fight between Mariko and Itano Tomomi. Due to being drawn to the crime scene's image, Acchan didn't even notice the fight at all, and announced out of the blue that they'll conduct a Handshake Event.

During the handshake event, the Kami8 each observed that Acchan was a little different, while some members think that Acchan looked absent-minded, Kashiwagi Yuki observed that Acchan is more serious than usual and is thoroughly investigating, which fuelled her pride as AKB48's Queen of Handshakes. Acchan observed each of the members and were each given a candy by Acchan, especially when they feel nervous. After the event, she omitted Ota Aika, Umeda Ayaka, Nito Moeno, Nonaka Misato, Saeed-Yokota Erena, Uchida Mayumi, and Hasegawa Haruna as suspects due to them being left-handed, explaining that the suspect would necessary be right-handed to injure Renacchi that would leave a wound at her left forehead.

Chapter 4

File:MurderMystery ListOfSuspects Manga.jpg

After explaining the details regarding the previous Handshake Event's 1st key element, Detective Acchan revealed another key element in narrowing down the list of suspects. After explaining that the killer would necessarily have washed evidence from herself, which means that she would have taken a bath, she omitted members who were exposed to the rain during the time of the crime and members who haven't taken a bath yet. These members were Itano Tomomi, Komori Mika, Iwasa Misaki, Kojima Natsuki, Nakamura Mariko, Suzuki Mariya, Nagao Mariya, Fujita Nana, and Aigasa Moe. Although Tomochin is now above suspicion, Mariko was curious on why Tomochin became too aggressive towards the case, in which Detective Acchan showed them Kato Rena's Official AKB48 Page which explains the reason why Tomochin became so agitated: Renacchi aspires to be like Tomochin.

After the misunderstanding was cleared Takamina, Mariko and Acchan went back to their room, with Acchan still thinking of what the coded message could have meant. At around 10:00 P.M., Kojiharu called their room to see if Yuko is with them. A frightened Acchan suddenly grabbed the phone away from Takamina and asked when Yuko left, with which Kojiharu said that around 9:00 P.M., when she fell asleep. Instructing the others to help search for her in groups of two, Yuko was eventually found by Sashiko (again, by accident) while she was wandering around the mansion by herself. The members were shocked to see where Yuko was, barely breathing inside the freezer. Acchan rushed immediately to apply emergency treatment to her.

Chapter 5

File:AKB48SatsujinJiken Sousenkyo Manga.jpg

After trying to resuscitate Yuko, Acchan declared her death, with Nyan-nyan pleading to try again until she fainted. After the other members went back to their respective rooms, Acchan sent everyone a message ordering everyone to "go in groups of 3" from now on to avoid another victim. She and Takamina then proceeded to examine the new crime scene. After finding Yuko's cellphone, they found another message: "16A·33K It's your turn next"; with the same music as before, only with a longer playing length. Acchan declared that Sakiko can help them with the music, while they decipher the messages from the cellphone and Yuko's clue. Takamina was surprised by her deduction, and so Acchan explained what normally a person would do in an situation similar to Yuko's, meaning that Yuko's mannerism during the time she was in the freezer might have been a clue she deliberately left for them. Acchan also pointed out that because Yuko is known to be athletic, someone needs to overpower her first to get her inside the fridge in the first place; therefore it was either the killer was naturally stronger than her, or she was put to sleep through other means. And since the dining hall (where Renacchi is) is the only path available through the kitchen, the other members were still too scared to go near the room by themselves (except for Sashiko, who keeps wandering around aimlessly). While searching for more clues inside the freezer, Acchan suddenly slipped and fell down due to the frozen moisture on the floor that was left behind when the freezer was opened during Yuko's resuscitation. Acchan quickly tried to observe the moisture only to be interrupted by Tomochin who rushed to them in a panicking manner. Tomochin said that Nyan-Nyan woke up, but immediately attacked Sashiko upon seeing her. Takamina was quick to stop them upon their arrival, but Acchan just calmly sat and opened a can of juice, declaring that they'll be holding a Senbatsu Election. Hesitant at first, the members agreed to help Acchan when they saw how determined she is in solving this case. The theme for this Senbatsu Elections would be "Who you think is the killer…!", and Acchan sent the rules personally to the other members; afterwards sent a photo of a footprint, saying that it was the "killer's footprint"; and after a few minutes sent another message containing the shoe sizes of every member.

Chapter 6

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After receiving all the votes, Acchan declared the election closed, with her are Tomochin, Nyan Nyan and Sashiko. The three asked her why they were called and asked if they were there to help count the votes, in which Acchan replied that "they're not important at all." Tomochin and Nyan Nyan also asked the point for a general elecion if they already knew the killer's footprint, in which Acchan also mentioned that it was her footprint that she used to make a feint attack. Explaining the sequence of her attack on the killer, Tomochin suddenly became bothered by something, which Acchan guessed correctly. She explained that both Nyan Nyan and Sashiko are now above suspicion, since the killer is too intellectual, careful and almost invisible. After checking the ones who voted for the members whose shoe size is the same as theirs and including the ones without a match, the list of killers were narrowed down further, leaving only 24 members as suspects. Due to large number, Acchan regrettably informed the three that the new list of suspects should be kept secret among the four of them.

After meeting up with the rest of the Kami8, Takamina noticed that Acchan is wearing a different Detective outfit. Since Acchan's costume wasn't suitable for summer, Acchan borrowed one of Mayuyu's, who coincidentaly has one since she likes cosplaying. After which Mayuyu entered the room with a sub-unit she formed to support Acchan, in which the detective accepted their help.

Chapter 7

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After hearing Mayuyu's objective for making the group, she let them investigate the library to search for clues while she scout the area along with Miyazawa Sae and Akimoto Sayaka. Checking each one of the rooms, they saw one of the unused rooms' air conditioner remote controls set at midnight even though there wasn't anyone staying there. Before they could discuss it, Acchan was asked by one of the SEED members about a locked room. Acchan quickly headed there to investigate and after seeing the room, declared that she has no idea who locked it. Forcing the door open, she was shocked to see the room filled with hairdryers, all turned on at the same time. Amidst the confusion of the others, she quickly ran inside to try and turn the hairdryers off. Before she could, a power failure occurred, she explains to the others that the killer was the one to set the power failure through the air conditioners from the other rooms and the massive amount of hairdryers on that room. She then got a call from Takamina informing her that Mayuyu had been killed, with Yukirin adding that Mayuyu also left a clue for her.

Chapter 8

File:AKB48SatsujinJiken Rescue Manga.jpg

Returning back to the library, Acchan calmed the panicking members and ensured them that the killer isn't in the library. Afterwards, the power came back thanks to Sayaka and Sae. Due to the blood drops she saw outside the door, Acchan deduced that the killer fled after she committed the crime. She also pointed out that the killer might have used some instrument or device, or might have stayed at a dark room, for her to see through the power outage. With the members calmed down, she asked them to take a bath as the blood had splashed almost everyone of them who were in the library at the time.

After everyone left, Acchan began her investigation with Lovetan and Nyan Nyan helping her. Despite being with the two, Acchan herself was unaware of what they were telling her as she was in deep thought about the connection of the 3 victim's clues. After some thought, she found an error on her deductions. She quickly asked the two if they found anything strange between the power outage and Mayuyu's stabbing, in which Nyan Nyan remembered seeing a faint light in Mayuyu's direction which she thought might be from Mayuyu's cellphone. With this new information, Acchan flipped Mayuyu's body and asked Lovetan to turn the lights off. Seeing a faint glow on Mayuyu's chest, Acchan now deduced that this proves that the killer is now in the library with them before the stabbing took place. Nyan Nyan became confused and asked if it was a mistake, when Matsui Sakiko suddenly arrived and told them that the music was Mozart's Piano Sonata No. 18, in which Acchan said "Beginner, AKB48's 18th Single", which startled the others. Predicting who and what the killer's forecast means, Acchan suddenly ran out of the library to rescue the next victim.

Chapter 9

File:AKB48SatsujinJiken CaseClosed Manga.jpg

As she runs to rescue the next victim, she re-assessed the clues she got and their connection with Beginner, predicting that the next victim would therefore be AKB48's "Ribbon" - Takamina. Upon arrival, she overheard the killer's plans for Takamina being her final victim, stopping her before she could strangle Takamina to her death. Restraining the culprit, she returned to the others, revealing the killer's identity: Team 4's captain, Oba Mina. After revealing Minarun's reason for killing the others, Acchan was not convinced as the others, revealing the main reason she started killing. Acchan asked if Minarun understood Renacchi's feelings, revealing that Renacchi treats Minarun as being the same as herself. Acchan also revealed that Minarun wasn't the only member supposedly to have 4 vowels in her name when spelled in Romaji, the other one was KATO RENA, adding that only Renacchi would have thought of such an unusual message. She also added that Yuko might have overheard their conversation and noticed what Renacchi meant, which would be the reason for her 4-finger "boin!" clue. Seeing Minarun confused on how Yuko could have noticed what she failed to understand, Acchan explained that it doesn't matter which member or team notices it, as long as they're from AKB48.

Putting a closure to the case, Acchan was sad that 4 other girls would leave the group with her, but promised that she would watch over them even after she graduates.

Three weeks after the island incident, Takamina wrote to her office. Congratulating Acchan on her new career, which was boosted by her performance in the AKB48 Murder Mystery Case and her popularity from AKB48. Takamina also noted that since that incident, the attention was now centered on her, giving her titles such as "AKB's conscience" or "the leader", she thanks Acchan for protecting them. As she looks at their last picture together as a member of AKB48, she got another phone call from another client.


CM Version Manga Version
first to learn about being a detective Itano Tomomi Takahashi Minami
Assistant Minegishi Minami Itano Tomomi


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