Q10 Fujino Tsukiko Original

Fujino Tsukiko (Q10)

Kyuuto Karen (久戸 花恋?) is the name given to Q10 (キューイチぜろ kyuu ichi-zero?), a robot from 2080 tasked on observing Fukai Heita (深井 平太?) during his younger years on behalf of Heita's future wife. Originally designated to use the name Fujino Tsukiko (富士野 月子?), she became partially self-aware, which led to her breaking her initial programming on maintaining distance from Heita. Her given nickname was Kyuuto (キュート?), which made one of their classmates, Kawai Emiko (河合 恵美子?), a bit over-conscious.

During her time learning with Keita, she unintentionally helped Keita and his friends deal with their personal problems.

R31 Fujino Tsukiko Manager

Fujino Tsukiko (R31)

When R31 (アール サンイチ aaru san-ichi?) realized that Q10 was missing, she was surprised to see her with Heita. R31 then took the role of Fujino Tsukiko to take Q10 back as the contract was nearing its end.

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