Komori Mika
Series: AKB48 Murder Mystery
First Appearance: File 5
Last Appearance: File 5
Number of Episode
2 (File 5, Testimony File)
Actor: Komori Mika
Komorin's Testimony
"Eh? Even though I’m mad about the murder case I don’t look scared? That’s not true at all! I’m totally scared! But my feelings don’t really come out on my face. But if I were to be attacked, I would accept the challenge with a "Komorin chop", So it would probably be okay."
―Komori Mika's Testimony[Testimonials and Alibis (src)]

Komori Mika (小森美果?), nicknamed Komorin (こもりん?) and Mikapon (みかぽん?), is a member of AKB48's Team B. She is one of the primary characters in AKB48 Murder Mystery series. She is based on and is portrayed by Komori Mika.

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