Team Bemars

Hatsumori Bemars (初森ベマーズ?), also known as 2nd Hatsumori Girls' Commercial High School's Softball Club, is a Club formed to prevent the destruction of Hatsumori Park. It's members comprises of random students that volunteered one way or another to save the Park of Beginnings. Aside from being in the Softball Club, it's members holds concurrency membership with other clubs or extra curricular classes (Imadoki has extra classes for getting the lowest grades, and Yuutsu is a member of the Hanafubuki Mai Fan Club), which further complicates their situation.

Their Team Name, "Hatsumori Bemars", was accidentally picked by Kote. Supposedly, she meant to have their team name as Hatsumori Bears (初森ベアーズ?), from the "Ganbare! Bears" (がんばれ!ベアーズ?), but erroneously written the kana for "ma" (?) instead of "a" (?) by accident when she was filling-up the order sheet for their uniforms.

Number Name Position
4 (temporary)
Kamata Toshiro Coach
1 Nishino "Nanamaru" Nanase Pitcher
2 Takayama "Kote" Kazumi Catcher
3 Ikuta "Chopin" Erika Shortstop
4 Wakatsuki "Imadoki" Yumi 1st Base
5 Ikoma "Academy" Rina 2nd Base
6 Sakurai "Bunan" Reika Right Fielder
7 Yuutsu Substitute
(former 3rd Base)
8 Harvard Center Fielder
9 Kaachan Left Fielder
10 Hashimoto "Marukyu" Nanami 3rd Base
(former Substitute)
11 Gondawara Kirei Pitcher
(transferred to Hatsumori 2nd after their match)
12 Eto Sherry Catcher
(transferred to Hatsumori 2nd after their match)

Team Bemaazu

Team Bemaazu

Team Bemaazu (チーム兵魔亜巣?) was an impromptu gang made by 6 of the Softball Club members in an attempt to save Bunan, Kachidoki and Tokidoki from the Yankee Musume Gang from Kurobara Girls' School.

  • Marukyuu
  • Academy
  • Harvard
  • Chopin
  • Kaachan
  • Yuutsu
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