Gondawara Kirei (権田原キレイ?) is a character from Hatsumori Bemars. She is the ace pitcher of Team Polalis of St. Denenchofu Polalis Gakuen. It is assumed that she also became a pitcher for Team Hatsumori Bemars after she transferred to 2nd Hatsumori Girls' Commercial High School.


  • Fire Windmill (ファイヤーウィンドミル?) - Kirei's signature pitch. As analyzed by Harvard using frame-by-frame analysis through Kalman filter, she estimates that it's speed is at 210km/hr.
    • Powered Fire Windmill - a powered-up version of the Fire Windmill, by making a double-windmill swing, Harvard deduces that Kirei increases the speed of the ball up to an estimate of 300km/hr with an impact weight of around 2 tons.
  • Unnamed Fire Windmill-based Hit - a batting skill derived from Kirei's Fire Windmill and by observing Nanamaru's Sundome Pitch. As Harvard explains, Kirei vigorously rotated her bat to create a powerful air flow to match and negate the air membrane that supported the ball membrane created by the Sundome Pitch.
  • Superhuman-like Physique - As a member of Team Polalis, Kirei had undergone unimaginable training to obtain her ideal "softball" form. As described by Academy, Kirei is like a monster.
    • Superhuman-like Strength - Kirei practices batting swings on a 10ton wrecking ball, 10 times the weight Sherry and her team used.
    • Exceptional Balance - Kirei was seen sitting in mid-air, supported only by her feet and legs, while eating dinner.
    • Superhuman-like Speed - Kirei and her team were seen practicing batting swings, having tea and cake, and entertaining reporters all at the same time.
    • Keen Analysis - just by observing Nanamaru's Sundome Pitch first hand three times, Kirei had already created a means to counter her pitch.
  • All Possible Counters to Pre-existing Pitches - all members of Team Polalis were trained to counter all pre-existing pitches, including Nanamaru's Su-Ro-To.
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