Bemars Sherry Polalis

Eto Sherry (衛藤シェリー?) is a character from Hatsumori Bemars. She is the catcher of Team Polalis of St. Denenchofu Polalis Gakuen. It is assumed that she also became a catcher for Team Hatsumori Bemars after she transferred to 2nd Hatsumori Girls' Commercial High School with Kirei.


  • Superhuman-like Physique - As a member of Team Polalis, Sherry had undergone unimaginable training to obtain Kirei's ideal "softball" form.
    • Superhuman-like Strength - Sherry and the rest of Team Polalis practices batting swings on a 1ton wrecking ball.
    • Superhuman-like Speed - Sherry and her team were seen practicing batting swings, having tea and cake, and entertaining reporters all at the same time.
  • All Possible Counters to Pre-existing Pitches - all members of Team Polalis were trained to counter all pre-existing pitches, including Nanamaru's Su-Ro-To.


  • Sherry's last name wasn't mentioned until the last episode, when the game announcer introduced both teams' members, specifically Team Polalis' Catcher, which was the only announcement heard.
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