Bemars Bunan

Sakurai Reika (桜井玲香?) is a a character from Hatsumori Bemars. She is the Right Fielder of Team Hatsumori Bemars and is the Student Body President of 2nd Hatsumori Girls' Commercial High School. Her nickname, Bunan (ブナン safe?) was given to her due to her habit of taking the safest possible solution to any situation.


Bunan has been shown to be a bit withdrawn with making hard decisions, which always make her choose the safest route, a trait she has become famous for. Even so, the whole school sees her as trustworthy because of this, thus earning her the position of Hatsumori 2nd's Student Body President.

She was also shown to have a habit of panicking over things, mostly concerning Imadoki.

After joining Hatsumori's Softball Club, she became close with the rest of the members, organizing a study session for Imadoki when she was in danger of being expelled.


  • Bunan's nickname literally means "not difficult" or simply "safe". It is possible that she got her nickname from Nanamaru, but given that it is a common trait of hers, Bunan could have gotten it from anyone.
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