Ikoma Rina (生駒里奈?), also known as Academy (アカデミー?), is a character from Hatsumori Bemars. She is Team Hatsumori Bemars' 2nd Basewoman. She also have a concurrent membership in 2nd Hatsumori Girls' Commercial High School's Drama Club with two of their juniors who admire her, Cannes and Yubari.

Special Skills

  • Acting Ability - as a member of the Drama Club, Academy is the club's pride. Her acting ability was what inspired some of the Drama Club's members, particularly Cannes and Yubari, to join the club.
  • Unnamed Macbeth-derived Hit - as a member of the Softball Club, Academy was first thought to be one of its weakest members, until Coach Kamata awakened her inner-self. Her unnamed batting skill was derived from one scene in Macbeth (the story she was fond of portraying) which looked like a one-hand sword strike. Academy was forced to use both hands when she faced Gondawara Kirei's Fire Windmill Pitch.


  • Stage Fright


  • Academy's nickname is based on the Academy Awards. Given that Nanamaru is fond of giving her "research subjects" a nickname, it is probable that Nanamaru gave it to her.
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