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This is a Wiki for AKB49: Renai Kinshi Jourei, a manga featuring AKB48Group. Sashihara Rino Dokkiri 1

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Yagami Kumi Magical Radio Aside from AKB49, the founder of this wiki would also like to feature several character roles the members of AKB48Group had portrayed before, during and after their time as a member.
Himetan Beam Semi-related Galleries, Fan-made images, drawings, etc. are allowed, but only at the Blogs and/or your personal Userpages. The character/member pages should only have as few image as possible. Episode pages are only allowed to have up to 5 pictures only.
Misleading informations will be dealt with accordingly. Any contributor doing this will be sanctioned to being blocked indefinitely. Watanabe Mayu Heavy Metal

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Shimada Haruka Hashire Penguin I'm currently gathering materials, so it's fine if you can start off without me. Yoroshikune! ^_^ Iwata Karen Hashire Penguin

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